Why SEO Should Be In Your Website Plan

Many business owners just want to get a website because they feel; “I need to have a website”.  In my opinion every business should have a website but “what about getting visitors?”.  It can’t be let’s get a website up so we have one.  That is not the right approach.

The rushing of getting a website up is a very common situation that I feel can be avoided with properly educating the consumer about the importance of planning a website.  Most small business owners just want to get a website made to say they have a website.  Most have no concern about the marketing of the site till after it has been completed.

That is when I receive a phone call from a prospect that is looking for Search Engine Optimization (Really looking to be on the first page of Google & Killing it) for their new website. I go to the website and notice a bunch of things right off the bat… Lack of content, pages aren’t focused on the service/product, missing Heading title, and many other things.  All things that have an impact on SEO.

Search Engine Optimization starts with proper onsite optimization

These are all things that with proper consulting can be implemented during the creation of the site.  The last thing a business owner wants to hear is about all the changes that need to be made to the site for it to be SEO friendly and be able to rank.  That just sounds like it will cost more money, which it will.  That is additional time that will be spent just to get the website structure correct to have the search engines properly crawl and index your site.

If you’re a business that is getting your website redone or a new business getting a website for the first time you should really be thinking Search Engine Optimization as you’re planning the site.

Here are 5 reasons why SEO should be part of your website plan:

  1. Have Correct Pages Created – you need to know what keywords you’ll be targeting with your website to know the pages to be created.  Don’t waste time/ money creating pages that have no value to you.  A SEO Professional will do research for what prospects are actually searching to know what pages will be needed.
  2. Have Proper URL Structure – The page URL is the first thing that Search Engines crawl to know what the page is about.  This is where you want to make sure the URL is related to the content on the page.  There are many times where I find really long URLs or URLs that don’t match the content.  
  3. Have the Proper Title & Headings on Pages – Similar to the URL, the Page Title and Headings (H1, H2, H3, etc…) tell Search Engines what the content is about. These should be focused around the keyword the content is focused on.
  4. Analytics & Webmaster Tools – SEO is about DATA so analytics tracking is important as well as being properly setup with Google Webmaster Tools to know how your site is being crawled by Google.  Bing Webmaster Tools should also be setup.
  5. SAVE Money – By having SEO in your website plan you’ll save money because you won’t have to backtrack and make edits to the site content, pay for new content for pages that are needed, edit URLs, create 301 redirects and other things.

The main reason you want Search Engine Optimization in your website plan is to be properly setup for search engines to crawl the site and properly index the pages.  As a result the website will have a better chance to rank for it’s products and/ or services.  

SEO is a process that takes time and is much more involved than just onsite optimization but by having your website properly setup out of the gate you’ll be that much further along.

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About Jose Victor Castellanos

Jose has a passion for helping businesses understand and utilize internet marketing strategies to grow their businesses. Providing marketing consulting for over 5 years.