Determining where you’ll run your media is an important part of a digital media plan but it’s important not to forget the vital role creative plays in delivering on campaign goals. Based on campaign goals your creative will work to deliver a different message. Brand awareness creative may focus on the name of the brand and a message speaking on what the brand stands for. A direct response campaign on the other hand may focus more on a promotion or incentive offer to entice an audience to complete an action. Thus these two goals have very different creative executions. Below you’ll find two recent 300×250 display banner executions from Gap. Can you tell which banner focuses on brand awareness vs. direct response?

The banner on the left focuses on direct response as you can see with the big 40% off offer. It’s easy for a potential customer to see that Gap is offering a discount and how to take advantage of it. The banner on the right is brand awareness meant to let consumers know the new styles they have in store and to click-thru on the banner to see more looks. These banners do a nice job of working to deliver on campaign goals and can be seen as examples when building your own banners.

Another item to note is that these banners would be targeted toward their target demographic and uses imagery that’s relatable to their audience. Be sure not to lose sight of your target audience. By this point of your media planning you’ve determine who your target audience is and where you’d run your media so take those learning’s and apply them to your creative. Again, be sure not to prevent campaign success by not producing creative that speaks to your target audience.

Lastly, the samples above are display banners but it’s important to translate these creative learning’s across all creative executions including digital video and radio. In the next post I’ll discuss the various types of creative (standard banners, high impact units, pre-roll video, digital radio, etc.) and how each should be utilized to achieve campaign success. Keep checking back for more.

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By Michael Castellanos Recon Media, Inc Accredited Consultant. Michael has over 5 years planning and executing strategic marketing strategies.