Essentials Needed to Launch a Media Campaign In a previous post, 3 Steps to Building an Effective Digital Media Plan, I discussed the importance of establishing campaign parameters to ensure success. I briefly touched on campaign parameters but believe it’s important to take a step back to elaborate on what campaign parameters are and why they’re important. Campaign parameters are the foundation of any successful campaign. They provide the details that allow you to determine what media vehicle to use, the budget to invest and what the campaigns looking to achieve. Here are the parameters you’ll need for your foundation. At the onset, some items may not be easily determined but any holes will be filled as you start planning.

  • Flight dates
    • What are the dates of the campaign?
      • Is it a week, a month, a quarter, or a yearly effort?
      • Will it only run on weekdays, weekends or all the time?
      • What time of year will it be? Consider holidays (Mother’s Day, Labor Day, etc.) as it should impact your creative messaging
  •  Markets
    • What market (city, state, county, etc.) will you be running in?
      • Do you have a brick and mortar location that you need to drive people to? Then you may want to only target a 5 mile radius around your location
      • Are you an online store selling swimsuits? You may want to target different markets based on the time of year
  • Target Audience
    • Who is your product or service geared toward?
      • Gender, age, income, interest, etc.
  • Objective / Goal
    • Is this a brand awareness campaign? This is more difficult to measure success
      • Generate traffic to the website
      • Become top of mind brand/company
    • Is this a direct response (DR) campaign?
      • Increase online sales
      • Complete an online form
      • Increase in store sales
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
    • How will you measure success? The campaign objectives guide what the KPIs will be. A brand awareness campaign will be measured differently than a direct response campaign.
      • Brand Awareness
        • Impressions delivered
        • Click-thru rate
      • Direct Response
        • Conversions
  • Messaging
    • Will there be an incentive?
    • What will the call to action be?
  • Budget
    • Based on the items above, and the dollars you have set aside for marketing, will determine your budget
  • Media Vehicle
    • This depends on your budget, where your audience is from a media consumption standpoint and whether you’re looking to do something broad reaching or more targeted

Free Consultation The information above is a starting point and does not cover all iterations of potential campaign parameters. As you establish your parameters you’ll have a better understanding of the direction you’re taking with your marketing and advertising dollars. It’s said that it takes a year from a company’s inception to gain insights into how and where marketing dollars should be spent. Be patient. Advertising and marketing is a process of testing and analyzing. It’s important to review your campaign performance and the site side analytics to understand what’s driving results. With clear campaign parameters you’ll be able to begin building an effective digital media campaign.

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