Hi, I’m Jose Victor Castellanos from Recon Media Inc. Over the past few years, Google has put a real big focus on mobile friendly websites. In this episode, I’m going to show you the updated, Google mobile friendly test site, where you could put in your URL and test your site to see how mobile friendly it is.

All right, let’s get right into it. I’m going to go ahead and test it with my site. This is the first time I’m testing it with this new tool. ( Let’s go ahead and see how it works.

All right, after that it looks like it gives you a report card on how your website scored. Mobile friendliness, 100. Mobile speed, I can improve on that. Desktop speed, 85, not bad. You can click here to get my report. We’re going to go ahead and email this to myself, so this is the details. All right, cool, get that within 24 hours. Let’s see what else there is. As I scroll down, it just breaks it down into a nice looking format here.

Test Mobile Friendliness

Okay, here’s this as well. What it also provides you with is in each area, you can actually hit here to view the details. It allows you to see what needs to be improved on based on their grading system. For me, it was mobile speed. Here’s the area I need to work on, is this rendering block JavaScript and CSS. I have to get my developer on this, leveraging this, optimizing some more images.

Test Mobile Friendliness of Website

By now you should know how mobile friendly your website is, and have the instructions on how to make it even better. I hope this video helped you out. Thanks for watching.

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