Social Media Management West Palm BeachSocial Media Management West Palm Beach

As a business owner you hear all the time that you have to be on Facebook and Twitter and the next social media platform.  Well, you don’t need to be on all of them but certainly need to be socially connected.

Not all social media platforms are for all businesses.  That’s why at Recon Media we make sure to track and measure all of our clients social media management campaigns. By tracking all the activity from social media it allows us to know what platforms are working, what time of day is best to post, and what platforms are converting.

Our Social Media Process

  • Define Your Target Market

    A marketing consultant from our team will sit down with you to discuss your company culture, products and/or services. By knowing what the company culture or brand culture is it allows us to create a strategy that fits the company brand. Our representative will discuss with you about who is currently purchasing your products and/or services to learn who your avatar is.

  • Define Goals & Objectives

    The team at Recon will work with you to define the goals of social media campaigns. The goals will be measurable by tracking the campaigns in Analytics. Our goal is to find the social media channels that are working to generate conversions and sales.

  • Create Strategy

    After the team has defined your target market and defined the goals & objectives they develop the strategy for the campaign. What is going to get posted, what times of day, what platforms will work best, and a social media strategy calendar will be created.

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