Snapchat - How can businesses use it Many years ago there was a social media platform that was booming and business owners were all like; “That’s for Kids”, “My Business doesn’t need to be there”.  You may have been one of those business owners that said that about FACEBOOK and now look at them.   The businesses that got on board early were able to grow their following and leverage their following into sales. Now there is another social media app phenomenon that people are getting on at what is the Fastest Growing Social Media Platform.  In its first 4 years they have 60 million more active users than Facebook did at their 4 year mark. Users are way more active.  At Snapchats 4 year mark the users upload more posts than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram combined at each of their 4 year marks.    Infographic that shows the comparison. What is Snapchat? Snapchat is a social media platform that allows users to take pictures and videos and share them. They can be shared directly with a friend or to their story where all their followers can view it.  When shared as part of their story the image/ video is available to their followers for 24 hours.  After that, it’s gone.  When a user sends a message directly to a person (another user) the picture/ video can only be seen up to twice after that, it’s gone. It’s very different from any other social platform that is currently out. And people are jumping on quickly and enjoying it. Custom Snapchat Filters for business 2 Who’s on Snapchat? Yes, Snapchat is a younger demographic and there is no arguing that.  But, what I will argue with you is that these young users aren’t going to be young forever.  They will still be using Snapchat years from now just like many years ago people said “everyone on Facebook is too young” and look at them now.  The users haven’t left and spend more time on it now than ever. The same thing is going to happen with Snapchat.   In 2015, Snapchat grew its 18-24 base by 56%, while its 25-34 year old users increased 103% and, most notably, its over-35 user base grew 84% according to comScore.” – “According to Snapchat, 12% of its almost 50 million daily users in the U.S. are between 35 and 54.” – So, now ask yourself as a business owner “why would I not be on Snapchat in some way”. Snapchat for business How can businesses use Snapchat? There are two ways that businesses can use Snapchat right now. And should be using both.

  1.  To create an account and provide a behind the scenes look at your business, provide tips for your industry, and use it to tell your followers about specials and things going on at your business.

To get started go and download the app and create an account for free. Once you create an account you’ll need to promote that you’re now on Snapchat.   Here are a few quick ways to promote that you’re on Snapchat:

  1. Share your username on your other social platforms (Find this under Add Friends)
  2. Change your social media profile picture to your Snapcode
  3. Mention that you’re on Snapchat in your posts
  4. Post your code where your customers will see it (store displays, restaurant tables, etc…) – users can scan your code to follow you

Now this is probably the coolest way to brand yourself or your business.

  1. To have a custom Snapchat filter branded for your business that users can use in their own Snaps while at your business or event.

A Snapchat filter is an overlay that users can add to their Snaps in order to make them look cooler and showcase where they are. When the user uses your filter and they share it with their followers, they will see it and know where that user is. This creates branding for your company with exposure to their followers which you may not have been able to reach without Snapchat. Here are a few examples:  Slice-Snapchat Filter There are so many ways to use a Snapchat filter. Here are some examples:

  • If you’re a restaurant that has many families come to celebrate a birthday you can have a Birthday Filter that is branded for your restaurant.
  • If you do trade shows you can create one for the show that has your booth number on it, let’s people know that you’re there and where to find you.
  • If you’re an event hall – you can offer it to your parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthday party, etc…

With Snapchat really just getting going and being the buzz it won’t be long before every company is trying to figure out how to use Snapchat for their business and getting custom filters.  Get on there early and begin to build your following and brand your business with a custom Snapchat filter. Follow me on Snapchat JVictorCast as I provide marketing tips and a look into my life. 

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Jose has a passion for helping businesses understand and utilize internet marketing strategies to grow their businesses. Providing marketing consulting for over 5 years.