How to Setup Facebook Call to Action Button and Track it

Transcript: Hey, Jose Victor Castellanos from Recon Media Inc. here, and in this episode I’m going to show you how to use Facebook Call to Action button and how to track that in your Google Analytics. Let’s get right into it, and this is how you- we’re going to go ahead and edit the Call to Action button on Facebook, which is this button right here which allows you to actually have different options. Right now, mine is set to Call Now, but if we hit Edit button, we can actually select from all of these different options, from Book Now, Call Now, Contact Us, Send a Message, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up, Watch Video, Send Email, Learn More. You have multiple options on here, but you can only choose one, so depending on what your goal is and how most people interact with your business, you can change it to fit your need.

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For example, if say you are a gym and people can book their personal training sessions with you, you can go ahead and use Book Now. If most people call you, Call Now, have your phone number in there. Contact Us will actually send you to the website, so if you have a Contact Us page, you can send them there. You can have Send Message where they can just message you directly on Facebook, so that’s more- that’ll be there. Then you also have Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, so if you’re a store, an online e-commerce business, and you promote your products and business through Facebook and you want an easy way for people to go and shop right away, Shop Now button comes in real handy because it’s right at the top, makes it easy for people to go and shop. You add your link in there. If you have a newsletter and you want people to sign up, you can hit Sign Up. You choose Sign Up, send them to your website to that page. Watch a Video. Have them send an email, so you add your email address of where you want them to send an email to contact you, and then the Learn More option. Right now what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to use the Learn More option. This is already preset with a URL that I already pre-built for tracking, so this actually already has tracking information in there that I can use to track my Facebook Call to Action Button in Google Analytics. How do I create this tracking? It’s simple. I’m going to show you that as well, that way you can also track how many visits you get from your button. This could be used for Learn More. This could be used for Book Now. This could be used for Contact Us. This could be used for Shop Now. This could be used for Sign Up. This could even be used for Watch Video, so this would be if you have the video on a specific page, specific landing page on your site that you have access to the analytics. Send Email, no. That’s Learn More. All right, how do I create this tracking URL that I use to keep track of how many visits I get from the Facebook Call to Action Button? I use the Google URL Builder as a campaign, so what you do is you go to, search for “Google URL Builder”. It’ll bring you to this site here. It’s under Analytics Help. Here’s the URL as well if you wanted to copy that real quick, also provide that in the YouTube description on YouTube as well as on my website. You’ll scroll down and come down to the URL Builder form. You’re going to paste in your business URL or the landing page that you’re driving the traffic to. Down here, you’re going to go ahead and give the campaign its source, so where’s it coming from.

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For example here, we’re going to use Facebook. The medium is going to be the Facebook Call to Action Button, and then give it a campaign name. I’m going to call it Facebook Call to Action, and generate URL. Copy that, and then from there, you’re going to go back to here and that’s what you’re going to paste into the website URL section on Facebook. Then, you simply hit Save Changes. Once your changes have been made, you want to go ahead and make sure to test the button to make sure that it’s working properly, that it’s sending them to the proper page. All right, great, so that worked. You’ll also see here the tracking URL that was used in Google Analytics, so this will be tracked in Google Analytics. Now people can go to my website and learn more. It’s that simple. If you have any questions, please reach out. All right, well I hope that episode helped you learn a little bit more about the Call to Action Button and how to set it up so that you can measure how many visits you’re actually getting from that button. Stay tuned for more videos. Hope that you liked this one. Subscribe below. Enjoy. Also, make sure to check us out on Amazon Prime. Our videos are also available there. Thanks!

How to track Facebook CTA button

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