How to create Facebook Custom AudienceThere are many different ways to use Facebook to reach your target market. You can go, create an ad and select from interests and demographics such as age, sex, income, job type and more.  Now, how do you know if these people are actually interested in your products or services?  You don’t.

As a business you spend time and money promoting your business whether it’s at trade shows, cold calling, billboards, TV ads, networking, car wraps, etc… with one asset that is more than likely promoted in all your business promotions, YOUR WEBSITE.  Well, why not advertise to the people that have already been to your website and looked at your products and services?  These people have already shown interest by going to your website.

With Facebook you’re able to display ads directly to your website visitors as they are scrolling around on Facebook.  Perhaps they weren’t ready to purchase or didn’t have time to really take a look and make a decision. By displaying an ad on Facebook to them you get back on their radar and increase your odds of turning that prospect into a sale.

To display ads to your website visitors you have to create a “Custom Audience” in your Facebook Ad Manager. Below, I’m going to go through the steps to create a “Custom Audience” of all website visitors.  During the setup you can create parameters to only track people that visit a certain page. That will be in a later blog post.

First go to your Facebook Ad Manager and select “Audiences” on the left hand side.

Now click on “Create Audience” and then select “Custom Audience”

You will be given 3 different options to choose from:

  1. Customer List – where you can take your existing customer/ database and cross reference it with Facebook to create a custom audience.
  2. Website Traffic – create the custom audience from your website visitors.
  3. App Activity – create an audience of people who have take a specific action in your app or game

Choose Website Traffic (you may be prompted to accept their Ts&Cs if you haven’t already) and create your Remarketing Pixel (Custom Audience Pixel).  This pixel needs to go between head tags of the site.  You can also send the instructions along with the pixel right from Facebook to your web developer.

Then you can select if you want to track All Visitors, Visitors of a specific page or pages, and even people that didn’t spend a certain amount of time on your site.

For this we’re selecting “Anyone who visits your website”.

Then choose for how long you want to be able to advertise to them on Facebook (max is 180 Days).  If you get them to opt-in (provide their email) you can market to them whenever you want through Facebook or Email Marketing.

Here is more information about Email List Building & Email Marketing.

Once you give the audience a name, you can save it and it will begin to capture your website visitors (as long as the pixel is installed on the website) so you can advertise to them via Facebook.

That is how you create a custom audience of your website visitors so you can advertise to them via Facebook.

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