Pay Per Click Marketing West Palm Beach

If you are looking to generate instant traffic to your website then using Pay Per Click (PPC) Pay-Per-Click-Marketing-West-Palm-BeachMarketing is the way to go.  There are multiple platforms that offer Pay Per Click advertising with the most common platform being Google Adwords.  The staff at Recon Media, Inc. are all Google Adwords certified.

Pay per click marketing is much more then just creating an ad and letting it ride.  Proper PPC marketing requires strategy and research.

At Recon Media, Inc. we meet with you (the client) to learn more about your business and its marketing objectives.  Such as:

  • What is the company goal by running a PPC marketing campaign?
  • What product or service are you looking to see a lift in?
  • Who are your top competitors?

We begin by doing keyword research, looking at competitors, and using PPC marketing research tools to uncover successful keywords and ads for competitors. We’ll put together a strategic keyword list for each campaign along with highly engaging ads.

Where Recon Media, Inc. excels with PPC marketing is optimizing the campaigns to have top positions, with great click through rate, and conversion rate.  Below is a screen shot from a campaign we manage:

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The campaign above is for a donation pickup service so the Google Adwords campaign is focused on getting people to schedule a donation pickup.  The campaign has a 4.36% CTR (click-through-rate) and from the click throughs we are converting 44.14% clicks into scheduled donation pickups.

If you’re looking to improve your existing Pay Per Click Marketing campaigns or looking to get started in PPC Marketing contact us today by simply filling out the form or calling 561-901-0115 and we’ll provide you with more information.