Add link to Instagram Story In August 2016,  Instagram rolled out “Instagram Stories”  and continues to make improvements to it’s offering of features.  Many of which are very similar, if not exactly the same as Snapchats.  One feature that has begun to roll out to more users is the feature of being able to add links to your Instagram Stories.  Previously it was only available to verified users and now it is rolling out to the masses. Here are the step on “How to add a link to an Instagram Story”:

1. Take a photo or video.

2. Along the top in the middle, you’ll find the icon for a link.  Tap on it.

Create link in Instagram Stories
Instagram Story Link

3. Enter the URL that you’d like your viewers to go visit.  Then tap Done.

Once you’ve entered in your link you’ll notice that the link icon will be filled. This indicates that the link has been set up.

Active Link in Instagram Story

4.  Add it to your story and when viewers see your Story they will see “See More” at the bottom. Make sure to instruct people to swipe up as they may not take notice.

See More Link in Instagram Stories

Now you can use the link strategically to drive viewers of your Insta Story to specific pages on your site. It can be to your YouTube  Channel to subscribe, a specific video, a specific product, an opt-in form, where ever you like.

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