How Google Uses Mobile GPS Data
The question has been; what will companies do with the GPS location data that they collect from our mobile phones?

Google has begun to show how they are using it.  They use the data that they have collected over the years in the Google Knowledge Graph.  Now when you search for Gyms, Salons, Restaurants, and other local businesses you’ll see a “Popular Times” chart. This chart is to show the times that the location is the busiest, broken down by the hour as well as by day.  This allows the user to know when the best times are to visit to avoid the lines.
Google Uses GPS Data
Google has explained that they’re able to collect data from users of its Google Maps application in order to anonymously inform Google of things like traffic patterns and conditions.  Now they’re using this data to provide more information to consumer while doing searches for local businesses.   This began to roll out over the summer and is continuing to roll out.

Why is this important to know as a business owner?

Because you must make sure that your Google My Business page (AKA Google Local, Google Plus, Google Plus Local, what ever you want to call it) is accurate and verified; for Google to provide the additional data about your business in the knowledge graph.  

Do you have access to your Google business page?

You might say well of course but I see so many business owners that have no clue if they even have their Google My Business page claimed or created.  So just make sure, it’s very important. Not just for the “Popular Times” chart but for search in general.

Over the last six months Google has been making a lot of changes to the Google Plus/ Google Business platform, including removing unclaimed/ unverified pages.  These changes will likely have an effect on Search and Google Maps in the near future.

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