How Facebook Beacon Works

Back in June 2015 Facebook began sending out special invitations to receive a Free Facebook Bluetooth Beacon.  I was fortunate enough to have a client that received the special offer so I jumped all over it and ordered it for them.  Just two weeks ago I went to set it up and I wanted to share what I learned about it.

Facebook Beacon Special Invite

The What – What is a Facebook Beacon

A Facebook Beacon is a small device that uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with the Facebook app.  As your customers interact with Facebook they will get to see relevant content from your establishment.  

For example: once I set it up and tested it the first thing I got was a message at the top that said “See posts with John Doe and Sue Doe at ABC Company” and once I tapped it I saw their posts from when they were at the location.

Facebook Beacon Message

You’re also able to set a custom welcome message so when they open up Facebook for the first time while there, they’ll see a specific message.  At the time of the Welcome message they’ll be given the option to “LIKE” the page as well as “Check In”.

The How – How does the Facebook Beacon work

It is activated as soon as you remove it from its holder.  Once it is activated it will begin to work without setting anything up.  It goes to the default settings which is that it uses the business description as the welcome message.

Facebook Beacon is on

Once you remove it you’ll need to find a central location to place it. It should be the central location where your customers are.  Not in the back warehouse where the workers are.  Also, make sure to use the adhesive on the bottom of it so it doesn’t move, fall and get lost.

Now that it’s been activated and placed in a central location you can go to your Facebook Page admin settings and click on “Place Tips”.  Here it allows you to set a custom welcome message for people that are in your establishment.  You get 150 characters for the welcome message.  You can also set it to use the business description or just show the category of the business.

Place Tips - Facebook Beacon

You can then add a custom background image if you like or it’ll just use the pages current background image.

Tip: A few ways to use the Welcome Message:

  • Special of the day – place that days specials
  • Welcome word of the day – have fun with it and have a welcome word of the day and give them a discount or product if they tell an employee the word
  • product/ menu specials – any specials going on
  • promote upcoming event – push upcoming events at your location

Free Consultation

The Why – Why you should get one

Really why not.  It’s free and is designed to help you grow your Facebook engagement with your customers. If you utilize it properly you can increase your sales while growing your engagement and fans. It will help with increasing your Likes which will then give you access to advertise to their friends and grow your overall reach. By having more people Checking in it helps spread your brand because when you check in all your friends see it. 

Request Your Facebook Beacon

Alright, so that is a bit about the Facebook Beacon.  It’s still new and I’m still learning about it.  One thing that I don’t see is how to measure the performance of it.  Meaning how many Check-Ins and LIKES are from the beacon?  I haven’t found anything in insights that shows that.

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Here are the the effects of having a Facebook Beacon in your location (from a salon):

Facebook Beacon Results

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