Drive More Traffic with FACEBOOK

Facebook is a MONSTER when it comes to reaching your target market and has many different types of campaigns you can run with great targeting options.  

Many local businesses that depend on foot traffic to make sales struggle with using Facebook to reach people in the area.  Facebook’s radius targeting campaign is great for Brick & Mortar businesses.

If you’re a restaurant and you’re a bit slow and want to generate some business you can create a Facebook Sponsored Ad and have it only show to people that are within 5 miles (or whatever distance you want).  These people in the 5 mile radius, when they open up Facebook and start scrolling they’ll see your ad that says “Hungry, $8 Lunch Special Today – Visit Johnny’s on corner of 5th and 12th”.  Now they know about your restaurant and can go get lunch.  

You can also use it when there are events going on in your area.  For example, if you’re a retail store and there is a concert going on in the area, you could create an ad that offers people that present their concert ticket a 25% discount.  If you’re a bar you can offer 1 Free drink by presenting their concert ticket.

There are many ways to use Facebook’s radius targeting to drive foot traffic.

You’re probably like okay, how do I do this?

Go to your Facebook Ad Account and Select “Create Ad” – You’ll then be given a list of targeting options to choose from.  Select “Reach People Near Your Business” and then select your business page. Give the campaign a name and continue.

Then you’ll see a map with a pin on your business and a radius around it.  You can adjust the placement of the pin so if you’d like to target a specific location you can drag the pin or adjust the radius.  Once you’ve set your radius, you’ll set your targeting demographics.  Know who your audience/ target is.

Map - Drive Foot Traffic with Facebook Ads

Then set your budget and the length of time you want to run the campaign for.  (It will tell you that you’ll have to set it to run for 24 hours and that is fine, just when you want it to end just turn it off)

Now create your ad or ads so you can split test and Facebook will show the best performing ad to your target. These ads will provide directions to your location so they can find it easily.

Fill in all the sections and make sure that the address is correct as that is where the directions will take them.  

Here are examples of a Desktop and Mobile Ads:


Ad Example 2 Drive Foot Traffic with Facebook Ads


Ad Example - Drive Foot Traffic with Facebook Ads

Once you’ve finished everything you can Review it and Publish the Ad.  It usually gets approved rather quickly but you want to always plan ahead since you can schedule the times you want it to run.  

As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out as I’m happy to help.  Also if you found this useful and believe others could benefit please share it as it takes time to put this together.

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