Snapchat Custom Filters For Your Business

Custom Snapchat Filters for Business

What is a Snapchat Filter (geo-filter)?

It’s an overlay that goes over any picture or video taken in the Snapchat app that is then customized with different filter options at are available in that specific geo area.

These geo filters showcase where you are such as the city name or a big event.

Do you have a business that provides entertainment such as a Bar, Restaurant, Billiard Hall, Night Club, etc…

A Snapchat filter is perfect for your business as it provides great exposure on the fastest growing social network.

Now your business can have its very own custom Snapchat Geo-Filter.  Completely custom made for your business with your logo and anyone at your establishment can use the filter in their snaps.

Very Simple 3 Step Process


Design a custom filter for your business that will match the branding of the company and meets your requirements while staying within Snapchats guidelines. 

Custom Snapchat Filter Design


We map out the area that your filter will appear in. This can include the building with parking lot. Can not exceed 5,000,000 sq. ft.

Custom Snapchat Filter Mapping


Visitors to your business will be able to enjoy your business’ custom filter in their snaps. Showing everyone where they are!!

Custom Snapchat Wedding Filter

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Does It Cost?

    Pricing varies.  Why? Because it depends on your location, the size of your geo fence, number of filters you’d like, and for how many hours.  Hit the “Get Started” button and fill out the form and we’ll provide you with a custom price.

  • Can I Have A Filter In Different Locations?

    Yes, we can set up the filter to be at different location and have them set to be live at the times you will be there.

  • Where Can I Use the Geo-Filter?

    The filter will be set to be live at the geolocation that you have selected at the time you’d like.

  • Can I Use it for an Off Site Event?

    Absolutely, it can be set to work at your business or what ever address you’d like.  Make sure to let us know on the form.

Custom Snapchat Filters for events

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