How to Create a Groupon Deal I see so many businesses that use Groupon to generate business. But when I speak to them they say “yes, we got some business but with the split and credit card fees we don’t make anything”. Well, why not just run your very own Groupon Deal so you don’t have to split anything and you can collect the customers information. (Name, Phone Number, Email) As well as you’ll be able to do remarketing to any of the website visitors that land on your deal. You’ll be able to do so much more after the deal ends when you run your own deal. Such as remarketing, creating look-a-like audiences, put new offers in front of them on Facebook, email marketing, and the list can go on. Before you can do any of that you need to first run your own Groupon deal. In this video I tell you what you’ll need to run the deal and show you how to target Groupon users with Facebook Ads. Here you go. Let me know what you think. If you have any questions I can be easily be reached at or on Social media at: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: SnapChat:


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