Build An Effective Media Plan

Create an Effective Digital Media Plan

Media planning is the process that determines how best to deliver advertising messages to the right people, at the right time on the right device. This has evolved from only including print, Out of Home (OOH), radio and TV to the inclusion of the full digital space (desktop, tablet, mobile). The vast audience fragmentation between media platforms demonstrates the challenges faced in understanding where to invest advertising dollars to deliver on marketing objectives.

In order to build an effective digital media plan it’s essential to start with:

  1. Understanding the campaign parameters (marketing objectives)

The campaign parameters include a) who is the target audience, b) what is the target market, and c) what is the campaign goal. Understanding these items allows you to research the media behaviors of the potential consumers to determine where to target them. If the target is male 18 – 34 living in New York City their media habits will be different than a target of male 45 – 64 living in Phoenix and you’d want to advertise to them differently.

Most importantly is the campaign objective. A campaign built to drive brand awareness would have a different media and partner mix than a campaign focused on driving online lead form completes or in store purchases.

  1. Build an efficient media mix

The campaign parameters allow you to research what media the target audience consumes and efficiently use marketing budget within those media platforms. If you don’t have access to research tools such as ComScore, Simmons, Nielsen, etc. a simple Google search may provide sufficient details on target audience media habits. Based on your research and your understanding of the target audience you can narrow down where you’d want to advertise. The digital space offers a plethora of partner opportunities including direct to publisher, ad networks, ad exchanges, programmatic and paid social (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) not to mention digital vehicles like mobile and tablet.

Determining what role each partner and vehicle plays within the media mix would be guided by the campaign objective. More details on the value proposition of the digital partner opportunities will be discussed in a later post.

  1. Optimizing to achieve campaign goals

Once you grasp the campaign parameters, build an efficient media mix and launch the campaign it’s important to monitor and make optimizations to achieve the campaign goals. Optimizations can range from as high level as shifting dollars between partners, devices and creative to as granular as shifting the time of day or day of week that the campaign runs. All optimizations would work to more effectively achieve campaign goals.

These 3 steps to build an effective media plan are the starting blocks to ensuring that marketing dollars are working efficiently. Be sure to check back to get tips and tricks on digital media and how to build a media plan that delivers on your marketing objectives.

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