2015 Holiday Marketing 101 The holiday season is a very stressful time for many consumers but also as a business owner. It’s the last quarter of the year and you want to finish the year on a high note.

LOTS OF $$$$$$

With less than 90 days left till New Year’s 2016, you’re faced with preparing for the holiday rush once again. Many businesses get extremely busy during this time of year. By using the “More-Less-More” theory, (More Preparation = Less Stress = More Success) you’ll be more effective than previous years, while alleviating stress and creating effective marketing strategies.

This will allow you to be in control and can equal higher revenues. Here is your 2015 holiday marketing checklist to help get you prepared for your holiday season, maximizing you’re marketing tools that leveraging your market share.

Below is a checklist of items and ideas that you should be planning in your holiday marketing strategy.

1. Set Goals – Set the goals for the company for the holidays. Do you want to brand your company, increase sales of a product or service? You have to have goals so that you know what to build your marketing strategy around.

2. Website Edits – What edits are you going to make to your website (if any) to help reach your goals? These could be as simple as adding a banner to the site with the holiday marketing message. You can also make a dedicated page on the site for the promotion/ marketing message. There are things to consider:

  • Banners promoting special
  • Landing Pages dedicated for holiday campaign
  • Price Adjustments to reflect specials
  • Holiday Themed Graphics
  • This one is HUGE – Have a Mobile Ready website

Holiday Marketing 101 2015

3. Social Media Push – Determine social media platforms you want use. Consider who your audience is when determining what social platform to use. Also use historical data to see which platforms work best for your business.

  • What’s the message for social
  • Who’s the target
  • What platforms to utilize that will help reach the goals
  • Prepare posts along with art work
  • Schedule your posts – Use a Social Media tool like Hootsuite
  • Social Media Advertising
    1. Set Goal
    2. Select platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)
    3. Pre-Pair Ads – have copy and ads ready
    4. Create & Launch Campaign

4. Retargeting – This is the one thing most business owners don’t do in their marketing. It’s marketing to your current website visitors as well as clients. If someone visited your website or bought from you once they’ll probably go back to see what else you have. Just about everything is researched online and with retargeting you’ll stay on shoppers mind as they search the web. It’s about the right strategy so that you don’t annoy people.

  • Add tracking pixels to website (Google, Adroll, and/or Facebook)
  • Create Strategy (who, what, when, where)
  • Decide on Message
  • Create banners
  • Create Facebook ads
  • Create & Launch Campaign

Retargeting Company West Palm Beach 5. Paid Search Campaign – Reach more people as they actively search for products or services with Paid Ads. (Google Adwords) These are the Top 3 spots and along the right side of the search results. The reason paid search is good is because you’re getting in front of a potential buyer while they are actively searching. Now the campaign has to be setup properly and recommend working with an experienced Adwords professional. Here are things you’ll need:

  • Decide on what is considered success (a conversion)
  • Setup conversion tracking
  • Create Campaign, Adgroups, Ads, Keywords, etc…
  • Set Negative keywords
  • Setup Ad Extensions
  • Use Call Tracking
  • Set budget accordingly.

6. Email Marketing is extremely popular this time of year. Send your clients a custom made Season’s Greetings Email Cards.   Newsletters giving your existing client’s year-end updates, and future announcements or promotions are a great way to stay in the client’s forefront.

  • Set Goal
  • Develop email creative and message
  • Test email creative
  • Schedule email deployment

7. Create a Marketing Calendar of your plan. Include your launch dates of any paid campaigns and email blasts that are in your marketing blueprint. Also have deadlines for holiday banners and graphics to be made. The last thing you want is to be in a rush for everything. A Marketing Calendar will help you stay organized.

8. Consider running campaigns, utilizing contests and updates. (it’s at your discretion how in depth or simple the campaigning can be). i.e. as a full media campaign you could do a “Secret Santa Give Away”. Have people guess what’s inside the image of a Gift Box that’s been specially made with your logo. Promote it every day until the holiday and then do a promotional gift to the winner. These types of promotions are useful for a few reasons, they keep your viewers engaged, make people remember you, and you can capture their info to market to them.

9. Create blogs for your website that are holiday focused and relevant to your business. Blogs are a terrific way to get people’s attention and lead them to your website (Like this one). Utilize these in your Social Media campaigns.

The season is quickly approaching and by following a few of these steps you’ll be more inclined to having a successful and joyful holiday with less anxiety.    So it is about the “More-Less-More” Theory –  More Preparation = Less Stress = More Success

If you have any questions or would like assistance planning your holiday marketing strategy please feel FREE to Contact Us.

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