10-Best-Business-iPhone-Apps-for-Entrepreneurs I began my journey as an entrepreneur at the beginning of this year (2015) and it has been a very exciting and nerve racking experience.

As an entrepreneur you find out how short the days really are and how business never stops (not even on the weekends or holidays). As a business owner there are many things to worry about; sales, invoicing, project management, growing the business and much much more. In the past, I would have had to hire an accountant, project manager, etc… to do many of these jobs.

Now with Web and Mobile Apps entrepreneurs are able to utilize online platforms that make it easier to manage and grow their business. Over the past 10 months I’ve found some great business apps for entrepreneurs that have helped me with managing and growing my business.

Best Business iPhone Apps for Entrepreneurs

These are in no particular order.

FreshbooksFreshbooks – This is a mobile app that manages all accounting aspects.  From Invoicing, tracking expenses, to helping with tax preparation.  You’re able to create an invoice right from your phone and send directly to the client.  They can pay online or even set-up recurring billing.  You can keep track of everything right from the app.

SquareSquare – Take credit card payments on the go anywhere.  Very easy to use.  I don’t use this as much, as my clients are invoiced but it has come in handy when meeting with a client and they say they want to go ahead and pay their invoice (cha-ching).

MailChimpMailChimp – This is an email marketing platform that allows you to send beautiful emails to your email database.  They provide the tools to add opt-in forms to your website to help with growing your database. The mobile app allows you to track the campaigns you send out as well as to add people directly to your list.

Asana - Best Business iPhone Apps for EntrepreneursAsana – A Free project management system that allows you to manage multiple projects/ clients as well as add team members to easily collaborate on projects. With the app you can stay up to date with everything without being at the office. Easily update tasks, add tasks (while in a meeting, so you don’t forget), mark tasks as complete and more.  Great for productivity. It can also be used as your personal To-Do organizer.

GrasshopperGrasshopper – Known as the “Phone System for Entrepreneurs” it provides you with a professional phone system that works with your cell phone.  Get an 800 number, have a professional sounding greeting, have multiple departments, and extensions. With the mobile app  you’re able to make calls from your 800 number, receive faxes, receive voicemails and much more. This makes you seem bigger and sound more professional.  

Google Analytics Google Analytics – As a digital marketer knowing and analyzing the traffic on my websites as well as my clients sites is very important and with the Google Analytics app I’m able to easy view my data on the go. This makes it easy to show clients without using a laptop.  

PocketPocket – As an entrepreneur one thing that we never has enough of is time, so time management is key.  I come across many great articles that make it very easy to lose focus on what I’m working on.  I use Pocket to save the articles to read later. I add tags to easily filter as well as the app can read the articles to you.  Don’t forget to go into Pocket at least once a week as you’ll begin to pile up the articles.

Google DriveGoogle DriveThis is an entrepreneur’s best friend.  Google Drive allows you to store all your files in the cloud and access them from any device.  You can download Drive to your computer and store your files like you would in any other folder.  It also provides many tools similar to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint which are very easy to use.

Mile IQMile IQ I’m not what you call a “Road Warrior” but I do travel to go see clients, meetings, conferences, etc… so I put some miles on my car because of it.  Mile IQ tracks my miles for me and all I have to do is swipe to the right for business and to the left for personal.  I can then go online and download a report for Tax purposes.  Very useful.

MeetupMeetUp As a new entrepreneur networking is key to success.  MeetUp lets you find local events that are happening in your area.  You can browse by category or just in your area.  This has been very helpful for me to make connections with other business owners/ entrepreneurs.  You never know what may come from it.

These are the 10 apps that I use the most as an entrepreneur and have helped me with managing and growing my business.  There are many out there, so if you have one that you’d like to share with me you can send it via Twitter @ReconMediaInc or @jvictorcast.

About Jose Victor Castellanos

Jose has a passion for helping businesses understand and utilize internet marketing strategies to grow their businesses. Providing marketing consulting for over 5 years.